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Funeral Program Titles

funeral program templates

funeral program templates

The funeral program title is usually on the cover of the funeral program, and describes how you choose to honor your loved one.   The title also reflects the tone or style of the funeral service. Funeral programs are documents that are given out at a funeral or memorial service that can contain the order of service or list of events, an obituary, funeral poems, funeral songs, photos and other personalized information.  Funeral programs are often kept as keepsakes.   There are many different titles that can be used for funeral programs.  If using a funeral program template to create your funeral program, make sure you can customize your title to fit you needs.  Listed below are some common funeral program titles that are appropriate for funeral, memorial or cremation services that are religious, secular or contemporary.

Life Celebration
In Loving Memory
In Remembrance
Honoring the Life
Remembering the Life
Celebrating the Life
Homegoing Service
Celebrating Her/His Spirit

These titles or captions can also be used in other places throughout your funeral or memorial booklet.  You can use them as captions on funeral program collages or scrapbook pages, as well as memorial slideshows.  Click here to see more titles and captions.


Obituary Template

funeral program templates

If you have just lost a friend or loved one and are faced with the task of writing an obituary, you may not know where to start. Writing an obituary can be an overwhelming process, and it often helps to have a sample, template or guide to help you get started.  The internet is the perfect place to find sample obituaries, an obituary template or other useful guidance to help you get through this process.

Obituary templates are are guides for helping you to create your obituary.  Obituary templates can be checklist to help you gather and organize all of the information that you will need in order to begin writing.  These templates can also be in paragraph format with placeholder information to assist you with wording your obituary.  Templates also come in a short and long version.  The short obituary template is often used as an funeral or death announcement.  The longer obituary templates can be used to create obituaries that can be published in funeral or obituary programs or read aloud at funeral and memorial services.

Sample obituaries are also very helpful.  Reading sample obituaries can help you find the right “tone” or “voice” for your obituary.  There are many sample obituaries available on the Internet.  You can read obituaries from your local newspaper to get a feel for how you will write your obituary.  Once written, don’t forget to include your obituary in printed memorials such as funeral programs and memorial folders.


Funeral Program Template — Quick Tips

funeral program template

A funeral program template is a pre-formatted document that helps you create funeral program or memorial service bulletins quickly and easily.  Here are a few quick tips for using your funeral program template

1. Download your template to an easy to find folder on your computer.
2. Make a copy of the original template, so that if you need to start from the beginning, you will have a clean copy.
3. Make sure you save your template frequently. Do not rely on Autosave features from your word processor.
4. Make sure you have all of your information ready (such as funeral poems, funeral songs lyrics, obituary, and all other information). If possible, try to get everything in electronic form so that you can just copy and paste into your template.
5. If adding pictures, it may be easier to crop or resize your images before you add them to your template.
6. Proof! Proof! Proof!
7. Print a test copy, and proof again.
8. If printing at home, make sure you have enough ink on hand.
9. If you will be taking your template to a print or copy shop, make sure you know what file format the printer needs. Some print and copy shops will only take the file in PDF form (and not Microsoft Word or Publisher format). There are many PDF converters available on the internet, and some are even free.
10. Make sure you allow time for folding.  Special folds such as trifold or graduated fold my require additional time.

Easy Funeral Program Templates


Selecting Paper for Funeral Programs

If you are creating  funeral programs at home, you may have questions about the what paper you should use.  Here are some quick tips for choosing funeral program paper.

1.  Choose a heavier paper —  Thicker paper will make your program more durable and professional looking.  Paper weight is measured in pounds.  Standard copy paper is 20 pounds.  Choose a 24 or 28 pound paper to increase durability and reduce “showthrough”.

Print Funeral Program

2.  If using card stock (paper with a weight of 40 – 100 pounds), check your printer specifications to make sure that your ink jet or laser printer can handle cardstock.  If so, allow more time for printing, to allow for slower printer times and possible jams.

3.  If using a colorful funeral program templates with graphics and photos, select a paper with a higher brightness.  Paper brightness ranges from 80 to 100.  Select the highest brightness available to make your graphics and images clear and sharp.

4.  If printing a colorful funeral program, avoid colored paper and paper with textures.  Colors and textures can distort the colors on the funeral program and photos, giving unexpected results.  If printing a program with minimal colors or in black and white, get a sample of the colored or textured paper and print a copy so that you can see how your program colors will print before you print them all.

5.  Check your local office supply or copy store for paper availability.  Funeral programs are usually needed quickly, and you may not have time for a special order or an order from the Internet.


Funeral Songs

Funeral songs can be a very important part of a funeral or memorial service.  Selecting the rightfuneral songs can help comfort grieving family members and friends,  Music can help mourners express emotions during this difficult time. Funeral music can come from a wide variety of genres, including religious, classical, jazz, pop, soul, country and rock and roll.  You can choose songs from the deceased favorite artists, or you can choose songs based on their lyrics or the memories that they invoke about your loved one.

Music can be used beforehand while guests are finding their seats, throughout the service and at the end of the ceremony.  Song lyrics can be printed in funeral programs and memorial service bulletins, so guests can sing along.

The Internet has many websites and resources that list good songs for funerals, and well as sites that will allow you to listen to the songs, and purchase them.  Finding the perfect music for your funeral or memorials services can help you create a very personal and memorable funeral or memorial experience.


Graduated Fold Funeral Programs

funeral program template

Funeral Program Template – Graduated Fold

The graduated fold funeral program template (sometimes called offset or step) is a newer layout style that gives a new twist to the traditional funeral program layout.  It is very similar to the bifold (single fold)funeral program template, except there the fold is slightly offset, revealing a different colored tab, design or text to the left of the program.  Often the name or other information is typed in this tab.  This fold and exposed tab give a contemporary and polished look to your funeral programs.  Since this layout can be tricky, predesigned funeral program templates are the quickest and easiest way to obtain this style of program.

Similar the bifold (single) fold funeral program template, the graduated fold funeral program template can still contain the traditional elements of the funeral program such as the cover photo, the funeral order of service, scriptures, funeral and memorial poems, funeral song lyrics and much more. Consider using a graduated fold for your funeral program and create a special and lasting memory of your loved one.

Easy Funeral Programs


Funeral Poems in Funeral Programs

Funeral poems are a very important part of funeral or memorial services and funeral programs.  Poems help comfort family and friends, and help family and friends express  feelings about their deceased loved one.  Funeral poems can be used during the funeral or memorial service, committal ceremony, or ashes scattering ceremony. They are also used in funeral printed materials, such as funeral programs, funeral program templates,  prayer cards and bookmarks.

Funeral Program Poems

Poems in Funeral Programs

There are several sources for finding the right funeral poem for your funeral service or funeral program, or printed materials.  The internet is a great resource for finding the right poem to remember your loved one.  There are many sites that list poems for free.  These poems are  categorized according to relationships, including poems for mothers, fathers, children, grandmothers, grandfathers.  They also categorize funeral poems for specific illnesses and circumstances of death.  Most websites will list the authors of the poems, if  known.  You should always list the author’s name when using poems in printed materials, ensure that proper credit is given to the author.  There are also several e-books that have funeral poems available for download for a nominal fee.

Also See:

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Obituary Template

Obituary Template

Obituary Template

Anobituary template can help you write an obituary for a recently deceased friend or loved one.  Obituary templates are often used to help create funeral or obituary programs that can be handed out during  funeral or memorial services.  Obituary programs can contain graphics, funeral poems, scriptures funeral songs and other elements are are often kept by friends and family members as keepsakes.

An important part of an obituary or funeral program is the actual obituary.  The obituary tells of the deceased person’s life.  It is used to remember and honor the deceased.  Obituaries that are published in funeral or obituary programs are usually several paragraphs and may contain the following information.

Date of birth, place of birth

Date of death, place of death

Circumstances of death

Plans for the viewing (if applicable) and the funeral and memorial service

Names of high schools or colleges attended or graduated

Military service and decorations

Religious affiliations, church membership

Jobs held – including retirement

Names and relations of family members

Organization memberships

There are many resources available in books and on the internet to help you write an obituary, as well as sample obituaries.  In addition to the obituary, you may want to consider including a photo, family photos, memorial poems, scriptures and other items that will help honor and remember your loved one.


Funeral Program Examples

Funeral Program Example Outer Cover

Funeral Program Example Outer Cover

Here is an example of a funeral program.  This funeral program is a traditional funeral program based on a Christian Funeral Service.  This is a single fold funeral program and the design is lovely purple rose.  It features purple and yellow roses at the top and bottom of the program, with a light purple background.  This program is perfect for a funeral, memorial, homegoing or celebration of life service.The single fold funeral program template is the easiest and most common template layout.  It prints on letter sized paper, prints double-sided (duplex), and folds down the middle, making for quick and easy assembly.


funeral programs banner

funeral program example

Funeral Program Example Outer Cover

This outer cover has a beautiful yellow and purple floral border, with a light purple background.  It has the funeral program title “Honoring Her Spirit”.  You could choose a different funeral program title, including “In Loving Memory” or “Celebrating her Life”.  The cover features a cover photo and has the full name and service information including the Date, Time and Location of the service.  The Birth and Death Date is also featured on the cover.

The left panel (which is the back of the program has pall bearer and flower bearer information.  It also has an acknowledgement or thank you note to friends, family and guests.  The back also features the funeral home information.

funeral program example 2

Funeral Program Example Inner Page

The inner page of the funeral program example features a religious format order of service.  The funeral order of service tells the events that will happen in a funeral or memorial ceremony.  The order or service is formatted with leading dots and lists the individuals that will perform the activity.  This order of service includes:

  • Musical Prelude
  • Processional
  • Scripture
  • Prayer
  • Acknowledgement and Thanks Yous
  • Remarks
  • Obituary Reading
  • Musical Selection
  • Eulogy
  • Recessional

The right hand side of this program has a full obituary.  The obituary gives information and life accomplishments of the deceased.  it usually gives information on where the person was born, where they were raise, jobs help, favorite hobbies and personal traits.





Use Funeral Program Templates to create Funeral Programs

Funeral Program Templates

Funeral Program Templates

Funeral program templates are a quick and inexpensive way to create a beautiful funeral program on your home computer and printer.  Funeral program templates are pre-formatted computer files that usually have graphics on the cover, and placeholder information for all of the elements of a funeral program.   These simple tips can help you choose a design and create your treasured keepsake.

1.  Decide on a design or theme.  You can search the internet for pre-designed templates with a variety of graphic designs.  Try to find a design that will reflect you loved one’s uniqueness.  Funeral program templates come in a variety of colors and themes, including floral, landscape, religious and more.

2.  Once you have selected a design, decide which layout you will need.  Funeral program templates can come in a variety of paper sizes and layouts including, bi-fold, tri-fold, graduated styles and can be sized at 8 1/2″ x 11″, 8 1/2 x 14″ and 11″ x 17″ and more.  The size and layout you choose will be determined by how much information you want to include in your program.  Funeral programs can contain the information such as the order of service, funeral poems, funeral scripture verses, obituaries and photo collages.  Decide which elements you will include and pick the layout that accommodate all of your information.

Easy Funeral Program Templates

3.  Purchase a program that you can use on your computer.  Funeral Program Templates can be purchased in a variety of software programs including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, InDesign, and Apple Word processing Software.

4.  Download your funeral program template and add your information.  Most templates are available for immediate download.  Once downloaded, you can begin adding photos and information

5.  Proofread your program, and print.  Most funeral program templates are in color.  Ensure that you have enough ink or toner on hand.  Allow sufficient time for you funeral programs to print out.  Most template are double-sided, and may take a while to print.  Also remember to allow sufficient time for folding.


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