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If you have just lost a friend or loved one and are faced with the task of writing an obituary, you may not know where to start. Writing an obituary can be an overwhelming process, and it often helps to have a sample, template or guide to help you get started.  The internet is the perfect place to find sample obituaries, an obituary template or other useful guidance to help you get through this process.

Obituary templates are are guides for helping you to create your obituary.  Obituary templates can be checklist to help you gather and organize all of the information that you will need in order to begin writing.  These templates can also be in paragraph format with placeholder information to assist you with wording your obituary.  Templates also come in a short and long version.  The short obituary template is often used as an funeral or death announcement.  The longer obituary templates can be used to create obituaries that can be published in funeral or obituary programs or read aloud at funeral and memorial services.

Sample obituaries are also very helpful.  Reading sample obituaries can help you find the right “tone” or “voice” for your obituary.  There are many sample obituaries available on the Internet.  You can read obituaries from your local newspaper to get a feel for how you will write your obituary.  Once written, don’t forget to include your obituary in printed memorials such as funeral programs and memorial folders.


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