Funeral Poems in Funeral Programs

Funeral poems are a very important part of funeral or memorial services and funeral programs.  Poems help comfort family and friends, and help family and friends express  feelings about their deceased loved one.  Funeral poems can be used during the funeral or memorial service, committal ceremony, or ashes scattering ceremony. They are also used in funeral printed materials, such as funeral programs, funeral program templates,  prayer cards and bookmarks.

Funeral Program Poems

Poems in Funeral Programs

There are several sources for finding the right funeral poem for your funeral service or funeral program, or printed materials.  The internet is a great resource for finding the right poem to remember your loved one.  There are many sites that list poems for free.  These poems are  categorized according to relationships, including poems for mothers, fathers, children, grandmothers, grandfathers.  They also categorize funeral poems for specific illnesses and circumstances of death.  Most websites will list the authors of the poems, if  known.  You should always list the author’s name when using poems in printed materials, ensure that proper credit is given to the author.  There are also several e-books that have funeral poems available for download for a nominal fee.

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