Selecting Paper for Funeral Programs

If you are creating  funeral programs at home, you may have questions about the what paper you should use.  Here are some quick tips for choosing funeral program paper.

1.  Choose a heavier paper —  Thicker paper will make your program more durable and professional looking.  Paper weight is measured in pounds.  Standard copy paper is 20 pounds.  Choose a 24 or 28 pound paper to increase durability and reduce “showthrough”.

Print Funeral Program

2.  If using card stock (paper with a weight of 40 – 100 pounds), check your printer specifications to make sure that your ink jet or laser printer can handle cardstock.  If so, allow more time for printing, to allow for slower printer times and possible jams.

3.  If using a colorful funeral program templates with graphics and photos, select a paper with a higher brightness.  Paper brightness ranges from 80 to 100.  Select the highest brightness available to make your graphics and images clear and sharp.

4.  If printing a colorful funeral program, avoid colored paper and paper with textures.  Colors and textures can distort the colors on the funeral program and photos, giving unexpected results.  If printing a program with minimal colors or in black and white, get a sample of the colored or textured paper and print a copy so that you can see how your program colors will print before you print them all.

5.  Check your local office supply or copy store for paper availability.  Funeral programs are usually needed quickly, and you may not have time for a special order or an order from the Internet.

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