What is a Funeral Program?

Funeral Programs

Funeral Programs

A funeral program (sometime referred to as a memorial service bulletin or memorial program) is a printed booklet that can contain a photo, photo collages,  memorial service information, obituary, funeral poems and acknowledgments.  Elegant Memorials’  funeral programs focus on the person’s life and personalize the funeral programs to reflect the individuality of your loved one. All text is customized, and any information can be included in accordance with the wishes of the family.  Browse our Funeral Program Template Design Gallery to select a funeral program template that’s right for your loved one.

Parts of Funeral Program…

The Cover

  • Photos of Deceased
  • A descriptive title of the Funeral Program such as “In Remembrance” or “Celebrating Life” “Homegoing Celebration”
  • Location; Date; Time; Name of Service Leader
  • Birth Date and Death Date

Order of Service
The Order of Service serves as a guide to the funeral service.  Below is an example of a “traditional” funeral Order of Service.  Funerals or Memorials can follow any format, and can be tailored to fit your loved ones wishes, however, if you are planning a traditional service, particularly if the service is in a church, you should get guidance about the service from the pastor of other church officials.

  • Prelude – anything that serves as a preceding event or introduces the events that follow; Ex. Instrumental Song, Poem, Choir, Solo Singer
  • Procession – Group Entrance (usually family and immediate family) into a ceremony or service
  • Prayer Moment of Silence (Remembrance)
  • Reading (Scriptural, Poem, favorite excerpt)
  • Hymn /  Song of Comfort
  • Acknowledgments (family members, hospice, community members)
  • Obituary Reading (Sometimes the funeral program states that the audience should read silently in order to save time).
  • Eulogy/Tributes
  • Benediction/Closing -  Short invocation for divine help, blessing and guidance, usually at the end of a service
  • Recessional (Song/ Procession or “exiting” of the service)

An obituary is a notice or announcement, of a person’s death, to include an account of their life.  Obituaries are an important part of the funeral program and are the last words written about the deceased’s  life.  For details about writing an obituary and to view sample obituaries,  reference Elegant Memorial’s article on “How to Write an Obituary” and our free obituary templates under Memorial Resources.

Funeral Poems/Eulogies/Tributes
Poems are used in funeral programs to bring comfort to the grieving, or to help celebrate the life of the deceased.  Eulogies, tributes and funeral poems can be included to help personalize the program.   Review our funeral poems and songs in our Memorial Resources section of our website.

Special Acknowledgments /Thank You Notes
This section of the funeral program  expresses gratitude to  friends, family and organizations that have shown special support  in your loved one’s life.

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